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Daily Dose Of Cute: Cat Meditation Is The Zen We Didn’t Know We Needed [VIDEO]

Have you ever tried meditating? How about meditating with cats? The video above is giving us plenty of adorable inner peace. Who better to give us calm, relaxing vibes than our kitties? Follow along with the video to bring yourself a moment of Zen today.

Cats relax us and can help us live longer lives by relieving stress. Take a few moments and mediate with cats! Once you’ve got it down from following the video above, try it with your own cat at home!

We all need some peace these days. Purrs and little mews can definitely help with that. And if you’ve already done your meditation for the day and want some other ways to relax with cats, check out the tips below!

Ways To Relax With Your Cat

(Picture Credit: filadendron/Getty Images)

Here are a few ideas for chilling with your best feline friend. And you don’t even have to take meditation classes to do them!

  • Take a day off to spend with your cat. Between work and chores, you might be missing out on quality time with your kitty lately. Take a day to recuperate and give your cat some extra attention.
  • Make it a spa day. Go all out for your cat. Put on relaxing music and give them the best cat massage ever! Your cat will feel great, and their loving purrs with fill you with good feelings.
  • Have a long petting session. Studies show that just a few minutes of petting your cat releases feel-good hormones into your system, including dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin. These hormones won’t just make you and your cat feel relaxed; they’ll actually help improve your bond and feelings of friendship.
  • Take a cat nap. Taking a nap with loved ones helps cats form bonds and show a high level of trust. Napping with your cat will also give you both some rest and help you wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Play active games. Being active might not sound relaxing to you, but boredom can lead to anxious and destructive behavior. Cats who have proper mental and physical stimulation are less likely to show such behaviors because they have an outlet to relieve all that nervous energy.
  • Have some couch potato time. Curl up with your cat in a comfy place, give them lots of pets, and snuggle up. You can catch up on your favorite shows while you and your cat relax.

Have you ever tried meditating with your cat? Do your kitty’s purrs help you relieve stress? Let us know in the comments below!

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