Meleva Steiert

    How To Choose A Cat Sitter

    So, you’re going out of town and need someone to look after your cat? Here’s how to choose the best cat sitter, including the pros and cons of using a friend or professional, what instructions to leave, and more.

    by Meleva Steiert
    February 27th

    Life Hacks For Cats

    Life hacks for busy cats. Follow these simple life hacks that will help you to sleep better, maintain a clean litter box, and get away with pretty much any and everything.

    by Meleva Steiert
    August 5th, 2018

    How To Give CPR To A Cat

    God forbid you should ever have to deal with your kitty or any cat that is in such bad shape that you are performing CPR but when you need to know it, you’re going to be glad you took a few moments today to watch these videos and brush up on a few techniques that could save a cat’s life.

    by Meleva Steiert
    May 16th, 2018
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