Trio Of Bonded Cat Brothers Survive Freezing Temperatures By Huddling Together

When their owner moved and abandoned them, three cat brothers only had each other to rely on. It was their strong bond that ended up saving their lives as temperatures plummeted below freezing and snow started to fall in Chicago. All the cats could do was huddle together for warmth on a neighbor’s porch.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Felines & Canines)

They never left each other’s sides until the neighbor finally spotted them and called Felines & Canines, a local no-kill shelter, to come and rescue them. The kitty brothers were all too happy to find their way to a warm bed with plenty of food to help pack on some of the weight they had lost after being on their own for so long.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Felines & Canines)

Elmo, Frosty, and Icy, as they have been named, are still recovering from frostbite, and one of Elmo’s ears fell off. But they are otherwise very healthy and loving cats. At the time of writing this article, they are waiting for a forever home together, and a supporter has sponsored their adoption fee. Contact Felines & Canines by emailing [email protected] if you’re interested in adopting. Please share their story on social media to help get the word out so these boys can have the loving forever home they deserve.

Would you take these frozen brothers into your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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