Closeup portrait of cat and dog fight.
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Daily Dose Of Cute: Miles The Cat & Mochi The Puppy Wrestle During Playtime [VIDEO]

In the video above, a Bengal cat named Miles plays with Mochi, a Shiba Inu puppy. The two seem to be having a great time wrestling with each other!

Maybe these two get along so well because cats of the Bengal breed tend to have very dog-like personalities. They love to be social, play games like fetch, and even learn commands. Looks like Miles is going to be a great big brother for Mochi!

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Are you thinking about bringing home a dog for your own social kitty to play with? Here are a few things you should know about bringing home a dog to your resident feline.

Introducing A New Dog To Your Cat

(Picture Credit: anastas_/Getty Images)

First impressions are very important. If you’re bringing home a new furry family member, you’ll want to make sure they have a chance to get along with your other pets, especially if they’re of a different species.

Check out these tips for introducing a new dog to your cat:

  • Consider adopting an adult or senior dog. Puppies may have too much energy for your cat.
  • Pick a dog with a low prey drive. You don’t want them chasing kitty around all the time!
  • Make sure your cat has a place to retreat. Some perches or kitty condos will keep them out of pup’s reach.
  • Give your kitty their own space. Make sure their bed, litter, food, and water are well away from the doggo.
  • Get them used to each other’s scent. Rub a cloth on each pet and place it in the other’s sleeping area or near their food bowl.
  • Let them investigate each other’s hangout spots once they start to feel comfortable.
  • Make the introduction through a baby gate or door. If they seem interested and sniff each other, let them meet without the baby gate, but restrain the dog just in case.
  • Let them warm up to each other. These things take time!

For a more full, complete list of instructions, check out our article about making dog-cat introductions here!

Does your cat have any canine siblings? Do they wrestle and play together like Miles and Mochi? Let us know in the comments below!

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