Disabled military service member holding his cat in a wheelchair
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Soldier Nursed Stray Cat & Her Kittens Back To Health In The Middle East. Help Bring Them Home!

An active-duty sergeant is seeking help to relocate a stray cat and her two kittens to the US from the Middle East, reported a statement released on Wednesday from Guardians of Rescue.

When Sergeant Kelsey happened upon the stray, she was malnourished and dehydrated from 126-degree weather, with wounds on her eyes and nose, and a broken tail.

Kelsey took it upon herself to nurse the stray back to health and dubbed her Sergeant Whiskers. Not long after, Whiskers trusted this fine human enough to show her a little secret. She had cleverly stashed her two kittens, still nursing, in a spot near the base.

This family of cats provided Sergeant Kelsey, and her fellow soldiers, much-needed companionship and comfort for a time. Kelsey then decided they deserved a better life.

However, only six weeks into her tour when Kelsey found the cats, she realized she would need assistance to relocate them out of harm’s way, back home to the US.

Guardians of Rescue was keen to jump on board.

Guardians Of Rescue To The Rescue!

President and Co-Founder of Guardians of Rescue, Robert Misseri, said, “We are honored to help relocate these pets back to the soldiers’ home states, so they can live with their families.”

“But it’s something that we can’t do alone. We have to have the support from the public in order to help make a mission like this be successful.”

Guardians of Rescue has requested monetary donations to assist with “medical care, airfare, fees, and more,” and Sergeant Kelsey has secured temporary care for the cats until she returns to the US. They just need assistance to get them there!

“We want to provide the support to our soldiers, and we will do everything we can to help their wish come true. We appreciate any donations to help get Sgt. Whiskers and her babies to safety,” the Guardians of Rescue president conveyed.

How You Can Help The Sergeant Whiskers Family

(Picture Credit: CatLane/Getty Images)

If you’d like to make a donation for the safe travel of Sergeant Whiskers and her babies to their new lives awaiting them in the US, you can donate to the Guardians of Rescue’s efforts here.

You can also help spread the word on social media. Share Sergeant Kelsey and Sergeant Whiskers’s story, and encourage others to donate so all the cats can come home.

What do you think of Sergeant Kelsey’s bravery in caring for these felines? Will you help get the word out so these kitties can come home to the US? Let us know in the comments below!

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