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YouTuber Creates Cat Elevator For His 20-Year-Old Feline Friend


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A post shared by Liam Thompson (@liamthompsonofficial)

Cat lover Liam Thompson of Auckland, New Zealand masterminded a brilliant solution for his 20-year-old cat Frodo’s dwindling mobility. He crafted his friend a cat elevator!

According to Daily Mail UK, Thompson is a well-known YouTube sensation in other respects but has now received quite a bit of support from cat lovers worldwide for his compassionate invention.


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A post shared by Liam Thompson (@liamthompsonofficial)

Last week, Thompson uploaded a video of the kitty elevator to YouTube, and of course, it went viral.

This Is A YouTube Influencer We Should Support!

Within the video, Thompson explains that a significant part of Frodo’s daily happiness is sunning himself in the backyard by the pool.

In order to reach this area of the backyard, however, Frodo must go down a set of stairs. With his age advancing and his mobility decreasing, the stairs are posing a bit of a challenge for the elderly tomcat. But Thompson formed a plan!

Throughout the video, Thompson walks the viewer through his planning stage for crafting a cat elevator for Frodo, something that will help maintain the cat’s independence. Then, he breaks down the building of the elevator.

Once the elevator is built and tested with a stuffed toy named ‘Jimbo,’ the ultimate test takes place. Would Frodo, himself, take to using the elevator?

The Result — Frodo Loves His Cat Elevator!

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This wise, old feline immediately clocked the benefit of the contraption, lovingly made by his human. Frodo hopped right in and went for a ride.

Thompson posted about the success on his Instagram, stating that it was the “greatest day of his life” and that he was “absolutely fizzing” about it. Which is to say, he was very excited.

Later, he was further overjoyed when Frodo hopped back into the elevator, of his own accord, to sail back up the stairs when returning home.

We think this is a beautiful and ingenious way of caring for an elderly cat! It’s an especially great story for this month, which is Adopt A Senior Pet Month.

Some people think that older cats have too many special needs. While seniors may need extra help getting around, but this pet parent shows us just how far a little ingenuity can go! So consider giving a forever home and a second chance at life to a sweet, older kitty in November!

What do you think of Liam Thompson’s cat elevator? Is this an idea that you might consider implementing for your elderly cat? Let us know in the comments below.

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