Many kittens asleep and one with eyes open
(Picture Credit: chockolina (Svetlana Simeonova)/Getty Images)

Daily Dose Of Cute: Mama Cat Gently Wakes Her Kittens [VIDEO]

Is there anything cuter than a cuddle puddle of adorable kittens? The little fluffballs in the video above have had a nice, snuggly nap, but mom says it’s time to get up.

Luckily, the sweet mama cat knows just how to gently wake up her babies. Make sure to watch the video with the volume to catch all the cute kitty sounds.

While the video is absolutely adorable, it’s also a good reminder that spring is kitten season. Lots of kittens are born in spring, and you may come across some this time of year. Here’s a bit of advice if you happen to find kittens in kitten season.

What To Do If You Find Kittens In Spring

(Picture Credit: chockolina (Svetlana Simeonova)/Getty Images)

You can help lots of cats and kittens this time of year by supporting shelters and rescues. You can adopt or donate time, money, or supplies to local animal rescue groups. You can also participate in a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program.

But lets say you come across some kittens outside. Here are a few steps you should take to help them out:

  • First, contact a shelter or rescue group. They may not be equipped to handle more kittens right now, but they can at least give you advice on the next steps.
  • Unless the kittens are in immediate danger, you should stay back and watch for the mama cat to return. Some recommend standing at least 35 feet back from the kittens. Mom should return within three to four hours at the latest.
  • Try to keep the kittens with their mama until they are eating solid food. This usually happens around the time they’re five to six weeks old. Once that happens, you can capture the kittens and mom, and bring them inside. Get them to a vet for spaying or neutering and vaccinations.
  • If mom doesn’t return, call a veterinarian for advice. Keep the kittens warm. They’ll need to feed on kitten milk replacement from a bottle every two to three hours. Kittens also can’t go potty on their own. You’ll need to rub under their tails with a warm washcloth.
  • If you’re unable to help kittens at this time, reach out to a shelter or rescue. Even if they can’t help directly, they may be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

Do you love to see a sweet mama cat caring for her kittens? Have you ever taken care of kittens before? Let us know in the comments below!

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