64 cats
(Photo credit: Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region Facebook)

64 Cats Found in Colorado Home

Cat hoarding is one of the most commonly dismissed but ever-present forms of animal hoarding. These cases are often playfully characterized as “crazy cat ladies.” You’ve likely seen them in the media, from “The Simpsons” to “Parks and Rec.” However, these stories often aren’t cute. Over 50 percent of animal hoarding cases involve cats. These animals are also likely to suffer from lack of food, vet care, and general neglect. Unfortunately, this was the case for an astounding 64 cats recently rescued.

For Cats, a House of Horrors

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, a Colorado animal shelter, recently posted a call for help on social media. Their Animal Law Enforcement team responded to a report of a cat-filled home. Responders rescued 64 cats of varying ages, from kittens to seniors 18 years of age. “For us to properly care for these cats, our Colorado Springs shelter had to utilize our emergency sheltering,” the humane society added in a social media post. “The resources needed for this large influx of animals is incredibly draining, and we rely on your thoughtful support in times like these.” The shelter reports the cats are suffering from various conditions, from ear mites to dental disease. It’s unclear if charges will be pressed against the homeowner.

When to Stop Adopting

We all want to help cats in need. However, adopting too many cats can just be harmful. Keep in mind that, if you have too many cats, you aren’t rescuing! Hoarding can lead to animal abuse charges for persons responsible as well. When adopting, keep in mind several factors. The amount of space available impacts how many cats you can have, of course. But also keep in mind your own well-being and energy. If you think you’re ready for another cat, but you don’t want long-term commitment, consider fostering instead.

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