Ridiculously Cute Kitten Saved From Garbage Truck

The people who operate garbage trucks find all sorts of crazy things, but rarely do they find something as adorable as a calico kitten. A garbage truck operator in Pennsylvania spotted something moving inside one of the bags in his truck and knew something was wrong. When he opened the bag, he found what may be one of the cutest kittens in the world.

The worker quickly called animal control, and the tiny kitty was brought to Providence Animal Shelter for treatment. She was named Grundgetta after a Sesame Street character who is friends with trash-can-dweller Oscar the Grouch. She’s only three to four weeks old and still needs to be bottle fed. She will remain at the shelter for another four to five weeks until she is old enough to be adopted.

Grundgetta absolutely loves getting attention from the people at the shelter, and the worker who saved her plans to go visit her when she’s old enough for adoption. For now, we’re all just glad this adorable little ball of fur is safe and healthy. Hopefully she’ll be off to a lucky forever home soon.

What would you do if you saw a kitten in the trash? Would you adopt this little one? Let us know in the comments below! 

Wag of the tail to LoveMeow for sharing the story!

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  • Hokiebrat

    Oh my gosh! How could anyone toss this little love bug out with the trash!! She’s obviously tame. Some people make me think REALLY bad thoughts.

  • Misha

    A wonderful man saved a wonderful kitten ! How great is that ? Good luck toboth of them and may God bless them.

  • cocojo2456

    I have always loved calico cats, had many and gave many forever homes over the years. Their markings are usually beautiful and I find females are more mellow, extremely rare to find a male calico. She’s adorable, wish she were mine, I’ll be blunt.

  • Annie

    i don’t suppose they will find the sick people who did this?

  • Sands Time

    Evil people!