Susan Pi

    Do Cats Hibernate In The Winter?

    The outside temperature is dropping, the days are growing shorter, and your cats don’t seem to play as much. What’s going on? Do cats hibernate?

    by Susan Pi
    December 20th

    4 Awesome Cat Health Tips For National Pet Wellness Month

    October is National Pet Wellness Month. Sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the goal of this day is to educate pet owners on the importance of regular wellness exams and preventative healthcare. Here’s what you can do to keep your cat healthy and happy all year long.

    by Susan Pi
    September 30th

    Cat Facts: Why Orange Cats Are Usually Male

    Scientists have found that different genetic combinations can affect the color, pattern, and length of a cat’s fur. Sometimes these combinations seem surprising. But what does that mean for orange cats? Are all orange cats male?

    by Susan Pi
    April 29th

    Can Medical Marijuana Help Cats?

    The idea of giving your cat marijuana may sound funny. But there’s a growing community of people who believe medical marijuana is a safe and natural alternative to veterinary drugs. Many dog parents are also touting the benefits of giving their pets cannabis. Ca

    by Susan Pi
    April 19th

    10 Of The Most Famous Movie Cats Of All Time

    Dogs like to get the spotlight in movies, but we all know it’s the cats who steal the show when they appear on screen. They can be cute and cuddly, intelligent, and fierce, but they always leave an impression. Check out the most famous movie cats of all time!

    by Susan Pi
    April 7th

    Animal Forensics Help Nab The Bad Guys CSI Style

    “People are always amazed that we can do the same thing in animals. But if you think about it, people are just another species. And so all those tools that are used on humans, we can use on animals.”

    by Susan Pi
    February 28th, 2017
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