6 Greatest Guinness World Records Starring Cats

November 8th is Guinness World Records Day. Naturally, if you dig into the archives of the Guinness World Records, you’ll come across some fantastic cat-related feats and achievements.

Here’s a look at six of the most impressive cat world records.

1. Longest Cat In The World

Let’s start with a classic–the record for world’s longest cat. This title goes to Ludo, a Maine Coon who resides in the United Kingdom. His length? A startling three feet and ten inches long!

2. Most Watched Animal On YouTube

Everyone loves Maru, the Scottish Fold with an uncanny ability to fit himself into all manner of cardboard boxes. Well, it also turns out that Maru is officially the most watched animal on YouTube, having clocked up over 3.25 million views to date.

3. Loudest Purring Cat In The World

Turn the volume up for this one! Merlin is a rescue residing in the United Kingdom who has been confirmed as having the loudest purr in the world. Technically, Merlin purrs at a level up to 67.8 decibels, which is a similar volume to an air conditioner.

4. Most Tricks By A Cat In One Minute

Didga is a cat living in Australia who also happens to be a wizard on a skateboard. But beyond riding around on her favorite deck, Didga is also a talented kitty who has mastered the ability to perform a range of tricks. For her Guinness World Record, she was captured going through a repertoire of 20 different tricks in just one minute, including pulling off classics like sit, lay down, and a 360 degree spin.

5. Longest Fur On A Cat

Before he sadly passed away in 2014, Colonel Meow became an Internet sensation by virtue of his scowling face and a fictitious back story about him being a fearsome dictator. Well, it also turns out that the Himalayan-Persian rescue held the world record for the longest piece of cat fur, which measured an impressive nine inches.

6. World’s Shortest Cat

The curiously-named Fizz Girl is the world’s shortest cat. As you might have guessed, she’s a Munchkin. Based in San Diego, Fizz Girl measures only six inches from the floor to her shoulders, which is apparently how shortness in a feline is officially judged.

What other amazing cat world records have you seen? Which cat world record is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!