Meet Elsa The One-Eyed Snow Queen Special Needs Cat

Let’s take a relaxing moment out from the hectic whirl of the holidays to salute a very special needs cat who just so happens to have ties to the festive season. Her name is Elsa and, as you’d expect, she’s named after the character from the Disney movie Frozen.

Naturally, Elsa likes to bill herself as the “one-eyed snow queen” — although she also holds down an extra cameo role as an emotional support cat.

The story of Elsa begins back in September of 2015 when this six-month-old all-white kitty was scooped up from an animal shelter down south by her human.

“My mom says that it was one of the best days of her life, but I know that it was the best day of mine!” Elsa explains in the caption to an early photo on her Instagram account.

She adds that she was stuck in the shelter for what seemed like “a long time” because “I guess other people didn’t want a kitten with a missing eye and no hearing.”

Elsa was also discovered to posses a relatively weak immune system — but her mom supplies her with medicine to help her get over that little issue. A periodontal problem was also corrected after surgery, with the funds raised from a crowd-sourced campaign.

While Elsa is getting through life with only one eye and a lack of hearing, it hasn’t stopped her from being a playful and inquisitive kitty. So curious is Elsa that her human has taken the step of adding child locks to the kitchen drawers due to her talent at pulling off advanced cat climbing moves (some of which have been captured for posterity on Instagram).

Elsa proclaims that she doesn’t even notice her disabilities any more. To that end, she’s stepped up and volunteered as an official emotional support animal, showing that she knows the holidays should be about giving as much as receiving.