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  • Careers with pets?

    Careers with pets?

    Question: Does it make sense to embark on a new career where I can work with animals, especially during hard economic times? Answer: Career opportunities with animals continue to grow and expand, even during hard economic times. Pet owners know that pets are part of the family, which means that the majority of pet owners […]

  • Save a Cat Community Page

    Save a Cat Community Page

    If you’re like many Facebook users, you’ve gained a lot from your time there: you’ve learned which Teletubby you most closely resemble and who among your friends is also a fan of Frogger. But just think… Now you can help others gain something important, namely a second chance for shelter cats around the country. Save […]

  • Moving pet internationally?

    Moving pet internationally?

    Question: I’m relocating internationally with my pet. How far in advance do I start planning and where do I start? Answer: Advance planning is crucial. International relocations for pets, just like their human counterparts, require months of advance planning and careful attention to paperwork details. A pet relocation company ensures that all of the documentation […]

  • Dogs most likely to chase a cat

    Dogs most likely to chase a cat

    If you are looking for a dog, and already have a pet feline or have neighbors with one, take a look at this list of dog breeds that are most likely to chase a cat. Afghan HoundAkitaAlaskan MalamuteAmerican FoxhoundAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAustralian TerrierBelgian MalinoisBlack Russian TerrierBlack and Tan CoonhoundBloodhoundBorder CollieBorder TerrierBrussels GriffonBull TerrierDachshundDoberman PinscherEnglish FoxhoundFinnish […]

  • Clay cat litter

    Clay cat litter

    The pros and cons of clay cat litter