Heroic mama cat protects kittens under fire

Homeless cats have it tough living on the street, where every day is a struggle to survive. That’s tragic enough, but it’s even more heartbreaking when someone decides to start shooting at them.

Mama cat Cindy and her kittens. (Photo credit: Helen Woodward Animal Center)

Meet Cindy, one homeless cat, and her five kittens.

When the cat and her brood were taken from the streets, rescue personnel noticed that mama cat was being overly protective of her litter, and wouldn’t leave their side.

Later, in surgery at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Carlsbad, Calif., they found out why, as doctors removed a BB pellet from Cindy’s head. The cat had literally taken a bullet to protect her family.

“Mommy and baby kitties are all doing fine, but it was touch and go when they first arrived,” veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Oba told the Carlsbad Patch. “They were all very tiny, malnourished, unvaccinated, and very scared; it took a gentle hand to pull that Momma away from her babies.”

Cindy and her kittens are available for adoption at the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter.

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