Turned off by Orvillecopter? Check out Hovercat!

On June 6, CatTime.com reported on the Orvillecopter, a remote-controlled helicopter with a cat’s tanned hide stretched across the top of it. Yes, it could fly.

Reader reactions on Facebook ranged from disgust to grudging admiration for the Dutchman who created the flying feline. Videos of the ‘copter’s first and subsequent flights quickly went viral.

Another cat lover has created his own tribute to his feline, and it too is racking up page views. Take a look:

Dubbed “Hovercat,” the video features an orange-and-white cat named George, who engages in a variety of video-enabled trickery, such as floating in the air. Some of the camera angles and effects ape those from movie The Matrix (such as the famed “bullet-time” sequence), and the “pulsating” editing is reminiscent of Wang Chung’s “Every Body Have Fun Tonight” 1986 music video.

George is owned by ABC Nightline anchor Dan Harris, who appears in the video. The feline was adopted.

ABC made the video in conjunction with agency Mekanism and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). It was created to promote June’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.


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