Bengal cat hugs a plush toy with its paws.
(Picture Credit: mister Big/Getty Images)

Fur Laughs: Cat Hops Over Neighbor’s Fence To Steal Plush Toy For Himself [VIDEO]

We love our fur babies, but sometimes they’re downright dastardly! Watch as Timmy, the cat in the video above, sneakily hops the fence and makes off with his neighbor’s plush tiger toy.

The mischievous feline takes his stolen — er, permanently borrowed — property to a nice, private spot in the grass to play with. Timmy might just be the most adorable little thief ever!

Sadly, Timmy passed away, but his videos are still bringing us joy! Share this video with a friend who could use a laugh today. As Timmy’s human put it, this cat is probably still stealing plushies on the other side of the rainbow!

And if this video has you thinking about picking up some new cat toys so your resident feline doesn’t have to turn to a life of crime, here are a few tips.

Tips For Picking The Best Cat Toys

(Picture Credit: mister Big/Getty Images)

Cat toys aren’t all fun and games for your cat; whether elaborate or simple, toys give your cat exercise, mental stimulation, a chance to act on hunting instincts, and a way to bond with you. Here are a few tips for picking out cat toys.

  • Pick toys that are safe. Cats should never be left alone with a toy that includes loose string or yarn. Once ingested, string or yarn can lead to serious, even deadly, problems in the digestive tract.
  • Make your own cat toys. You can find plenty of items around the house that make safe and fun toys for your cat, like a plain, crinkly, brown paper bag or an empty box.
  • Interactive cat toys will help you bond. You can join in the fun with a fishing rod, teaser wand-style toy, or laser pointer.
  • Cat toys keep your feline busy and reduce boredom. They’ll keep your cat mentally stimulated, and that can help cut down on unwanted behaviors around the house. Make sure to rotate and swap out your cat’s regular toys to keep things fresh and fun!

Has your kitty ever turned to a life of crime for cat toys like the cat in the video? What kinds of toys does your feline find irresistible? Let us know in the comments below!

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