‘Janus cat’ born in Oregon

In February 2012, CatTime reported on Harvey Dent, a kitten who was born with two faces in Port Charlotte, Fla. Tuesday, another cat was born in Amity, Ore., with a similar condition.

“This morning the kids actually found him and came in and said, ‘Mom, there’s a kitty with two heads,’” Stephanie Durkee, the cat’s owner, told The Guardian. “And I said, ‘I think you guys are just tired, that’s crazy, that doesn’t happen.’”

The kitten, named Deucy, has reportedly been examined by a veterinarian, and is said to be in good health. Unfortunately the kitten’s birth mother has rejected the animal, so she is being syringe-fed formula.

Ironically, Deucy was born at 6:11 a.m. on 6/11.

Two-faced ‘Janus cats,’ are named after the god in Roman mythology, and they are felines who seemingly have two faces fused together, but share the same internal organs. Such cats are rare, typically besieged by health problems, don’t live very long; one such cat, however, lived for 12 years.

Sources: The Guardian, KGW.com

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