cat sticks its head in a pink measuring cup in the kitchen to drink and eat milk. black cat
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Fur Laughs: Cat Learns About Cups & Suction The Hard Way [VIDEO]

The kitten in the video above is learning the ins and outs and ups and downs of cups, and it’s adorable. Cats tend to love “found water,” so if you leave water in a cup, they may just investigate.

Make sure that, if you have cats, the cups in your home are wide enough so they don’t get stuck on your cats’ heads like the one in the video.

And if you want to keep your kitty from drinking water out of your cup, here are a few things you should know!

Why Is Your Cat Drinking Water From Your Cup?

(Picture Credit: Bihlmayer Fotografie/Getty Images)

Here are a few reasons your kitty might be sneaking sips from your mugs, cups, and glasses instead of their water bowl.

  • Your cat may not like their bowl. It might be dirty, feel uncomfortable on their whiskers, or make noise when their collar tags hit it. Try washing your cat’s bowl, or get a completely different bowl.
  • Some cats prefer fresh water or moving water to water that’s been left out for a long time and gone stagnant. You might want to try a cat water fountain to keep your kitty’s water flowing and fresh.
  • Your cat might need a little extra water if the weather’s been unusually hot or dry and they feel dehydrated. Check to make sure they aren’t finishing their own water quickly and looking for more ways to quench their thirst in your cup.
  • Your kitty might have a medical condition causing them to feel thirstier than usual. These conditions can range in severity and include diabetes, kidney failure, urinary tract infection, hyperthyroidism, and cancer among many others. It might be time for a trip to the vet!
  • Cats can actually taste water, and your water might just taste better. Try using the same water to fill your kitty’s bowl as you do with your own cup, or try giving your cat filtered water.
  • Your cat might not be getting enough water from their food and might look for water elsewhere. You may want to switch to wet food for your cat for a little extra hydration.

Has your cat ever tried to sneak some water out of your cup? Did they end up stuck like the kitty in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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