High Angle View Of Cat Relaxing By Toy Blocks On Table
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Paw-mazing Pets: Moe The Cat Is The King Of Jenga [VIDEO]

Cats can do some pretty amazing things — they can squeeze into small spaces, make any cardboard box into a fort, even play the “find the ball under the cups” game with ease. Sometimes, they can even play games meant for humans!

Moe, a fabulous feline from Austin, Texas, has a skill that would make him a hit at your next family game night — he’s surprisingly good at Jenga. Watch him play in the video above!

Jenga, everyone’s favorite game involving wooden blocks arranged in a precariously-balanced tower, is often difficult even for the most dexterous human. Pull out the wrong block and the whole tower comes crashing down.

But even though Moe lacks opposable thumbs, Jenga is a breeze. This kitty’s got skills. His humans, Alan Palesko and Amy Nicks, made Moe an online viral hit when they caught Moe’s Jenga talents on video. So far, over 10 million people have viewed Moe’s epic Jenga match.

Does all this Jenga talk make you want to play some fun games with your kitty? Here are a few suggestions!

Games To Play With Your Cat

(Picture Credit: Ryota Okazaki / EyeEm/Getty Images)

Your cat may not be ready to handle Jenga blocks like Moe. But there are plenty of other games you can play with your feline friend so they can join in on game night!

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Bathtub Ping Pong: This one is super easy. Toss a ping pong ball in your bathtub and watch kitty go wild batting it around!
  • Fetch: That’s right! Cats can learn to play fetch just like dogs. Try throwing a small toy or paper ball and reward your kitty with praise and treats if they bring it back to you.
  • The Shell Game: Get three cups, put a treat or toy under one of the cups, mix them around, and have your kitty guess where the reward is hiding!
  • Hidden Treasure: Place a treat in a piece of paper and crumple it up into a ball. Toss it and let your kitty rip the paper up. It’s a lot like hunting for your cat! Supervise to make sure they don’t swallow any paper.
  • Hide And Seek: Hide in a separate room away from your cat with a treat or toy. Reward your kitty when they come find you!

Do you play any games with your cat? Do you think your kitty would be good at Jenga like Moe? Let us know in the comments below!

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