Naughty cat british shorthair kitten with large yellow eyes about to rip toilet paper.
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Fur Laughs: Cat Has Strong Opinion About Which Way Toilet Paper Roll Should Go [VIDEO]

Humans have been debating about which way the toilet paper roll should go for ages. Up and over, or down and under? Well the kitty in the video above has a strong opinion about that.

Most of us cat parents have come home to a shredded or unspooled roll of TP, but has your cat ever rolled it back up for you? Probably not! Watch the video, and send it to someone who could use a laugh today.

Luckily, this cat undid all the mess he made, but things don’t usually go that way with our feline friends. If your cat is making a mess at home, they’re probably feeling a bit bored and trying to make their own fun. Try playing some games with your cat to keep them mentally stimulated! Here are a few to try.

Games To Keep Cats Stimulated & Prevent Destructive Boredom

(Picture Credit: kimeveruss/Getty Images)

If you keep your cat’s brain working, they’ll feel much more inclined to play instead of wreaking havoc on your belongings.

Try these fun cat games:

  • Treasure hunt: Try hiding your cat’s food in a new place, or even a few different places. This will allow them to use their hunting instincts to track down prey, which will provide them with a challenge and keep those instincts sharp.
  • Puzzle feeder: There are plenty of puzzle feeders out there that will allow your kitty to use their wits to earn food. Try one that can keep your cat guessing, or switch it up and get another toy when your kitty gets used to the old one.
  • Tricks for treats: Cats are more than capable of learning tricks just like dogs. Using treats and praise as rewards, try teaching your cat some of the basics like sit, lie down, shake, or roll over. Eventually you’ll be able to impress all your friends with a one-cat circus!
  • Fun with boxes: Try closing a small box and cutting a few small holes in it. Then place some treats inside and let your cat stick their paws through the openings to get at the treats. You can do the same thing with an egg carton.
  • Fetch: Fetch is a great way for your cat to exercise their hunting instincts. Try tossing a toy or a ball of paper that they can comfortably pick up. The trick is teaching them to bring the object back, which should be done with plenty of love, praise, and rewards.

Has your cat ever attacked your toilet paper roll? Have they ever rolled it back up like the cat in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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