5 Ways To Keep Your Cat From Ruining Your Sex Life

Couple sleeping with cat

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Whether it’s your first night with someone or you are with a long-term partner, having your cat stare at you from the foot of the bed probably was not a part of either of your fantasies.

We all know having a cat has plenty of perks, but having them swipe at your feet as you are getting intimate with your significant other is not one of them.

Feel like your kitty is putting a damper on your sex life? Here’s how to keep your cat from interrupting your sexy time–because sometimes the only fur we want in the bed is on the handcuffs on the bed post.

1. Put Kitty On The Floor When Things Get Romantic

couple in bed with cat on side

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If your cat is particularly playful and sees you and your lover rolling around on the bed, they may see it as an invitation to join in on the fun.

Cats who are used to sleeping in bed with you may not understand why you suddenly don’t want them in bed now.

You can train your cat that they are not allowed in the bed when you have company, let them get comfy in their own crate or carrier, or just put them outside of the bedroom and shut the door if their meowing won’t disturb you too much.

2. Set Clear Boundaries

cat lying on bed

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Some cats may mark your bed when you are done having your sexy time. While this might not directly affect your sex life, the lingering smell of cat pee on your pillows isn’t exactly a mood setter, either.

Some cats feel the need to mark their territory, and your cat may see your bed as their bed. When another person is in it, they may feel the need to make sure that person knows who is the boss of the bed.

If your cat keeps marking in your bed, consider getting your kitty their own separate sleeping/relaxing space. This way, your cat will not feel as threatened by the presence of another human “taking over their turf.”

You also may want to start making your bed a “no cat” zone. If your cat seems to think the bed belongs to them, you’re going to have to set some boundaries and send a clear message that the bed is yours and yours alone.

All that said, if your cat is marking inappropriately all over your home, talk to your vet. The two of you may need to come up with a behavior modification plan, or there may be a medical reason as to why your cat is marking.

3. Keep Things Clean And Fresh

woman sneezing next to cat

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Some people are allergic to cats. If your partner is allergic, this can be tricky. You love your cat, but you are also really, really into this new person you are seeing.

Unfortunately, allergies are just a part of life for some people. If your partner is allergic to cats, there are several steps you need to take to make sure that not only your partner is comfortable and healthy, but that your cat is, as well.

Be sure to keep your bedding clean. Dust, vacuum, and you may even want to keep your cat out of your bedroom for a few days leading up to your big date.

Cleaning the litter box several times a day, and keeping your kitty groomed will help keep your SO’s allergies at bay, as well.

4. Remember That Your Cat Is Not The Boss

cat looking annoyed

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What happens if your cat really doesn’t like your date? Most cats, if annoyed or anxious, will leave the room and find a very discreet hiding space. If your cat does this every time your partner comes over, your cat may feel threatened by his or her presence.

There’s no need to force a connection or bond. Try leaving a sock with your partner’s scent near your cat’s toys. This way, your cat will slowly get used to your partner’s smell and associate it with something good: playtime!

If your cat continues to avoid your love, that’s okay. There’s no need to make things happen quickly. It will all work out.

5. Don’t Worry If Your Cat Is “Judging” You

cat with wide eyes looking judgmental

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Nothing spoils post sexy time pillow talk like a glare from your cat that could drill a hole through you and your partner’s skull. Many people feel weird when they receive what they interpret as a “judgmental” look from their cat after getting intimate.

If you are one of these people, give yourself a quick pinch and remind yourself that your cat is not the boss. Also, your cat is not judging you like you think. Just give them a friendly “hello” pet and get on with your day.

Has your cat ever killed the mood? What was the behavior, and what did you do to curb it? Let us know in the comments below!