Two Legged Cat Anakin Celebrates His 3rd Birthday

You’ve met Panckae the two legged kitten but have you met Anakin the 2 legged cat? Anakin is missing his pelvis and hind legs. Instead of hopping around like Pancake (who is missing her front legs) he carries the weight of his whole body on his two front legs. He just celebrated his 3rd birthday. He can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here’s some video of Anakin playing on his porch with his crew seemingly unaware of the downpour of rain going on around him. You can see how he gets around. If Anakin is different, he is unaware of that too.

It’s frightening to think what some people do with cats like this. They don’t even give them a chance to live a happy life and Anakin is proof that you can live a happy life no matter what your challenges are.

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