St. Patrick’s Day: 5 Cat-Themed Gifts To Show Off Your Irish Side

Cat with green bowtie

(Picture Credit: Michele Pevide / Getty Images)

Have you sorted out your plans for St. Patrick’s Day yet? The holiday takes place on March 17 every year.

Whether you’ll be out celebrating with friends in a bar or at home rustling up a traditional Irish feast in the kitchen, how about taking the holiday in a feline-themed direction?

Here are five cat-related gifts you can order right now in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Irish Cat T-Shirt

Irish cat t-shirt

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

First up, you’ll want to ensure that your St. Patrick’s Day outfit contains the appropriate amount of cat iconography.

Check out this baseball jersey shirt that runs with the pun “Feline lucky.” Bonus four leaf clovers and a lucky horseshoe add to the appeal.

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2. St. Patrick’s Day Leggings

Irish cat-themed leggings

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If a t-shirt is not quite bedazzled enough for your St. Patrick’s Day dressing up plans, how about these stretchy leggings that feature a veritable clowder of printed cats all proudly sporting their finest green top hats?

Standing out from the crowd will not be an issue.

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3. Salt And Pepper Shakers

Cat salt shakers

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Now that your St. Patrick’s Day clothing is taken care of, how about sprucing up your home dining situation with salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like cats and embellished with a bunch of shamrocks?

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4. Irish Pub Sign

Cat pub sign

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

If you’re thinking about enjoying some libations at home to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, try perking up your drinks nook with this metal sign that renames your home bar as the Cat And Crown Pub.

Naturally, the landlord is a cat sporting some very regal headgear.

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5. Irish Cat Collar

shamrock cat collar

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Finally, if you suspect that your own cat might be feeling a little left out of all the St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, treat them to this shamrock-themed green collar, complete with lucky shamrock charm.

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How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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