Interview with Petties Winner: Angie Bailey

DogTime interviews Angie Bailey of Catladyland, winner of the 2011 Petties Award for Funniest Blog. Congratulations, Angie!

DogTime: Who or what is the inspiration for your blog?

Angie Bailey: Catladyland is a cat humor blog so my inspiration has always been my cats and the silly things they do to entertain me every day. When I see one of them doing something humorous or making a crazy expression, I race for the camera and pray they don’t move (stop laughing — it works about 7.5 percent of the time). I also keep reminding myself to carry around a little notebook so I can remember funny ideas when they arise. Somehow, it never seems to happen. So what inspires me? My funny cats and the hope that someday someone will design a practical, yet stylish, camera/notebook contraption I can wear around my neck. Then I’ll finally be prepared. And fashionable.

DT: How did your blog begin?

AB: IIn January of 2009 I decided I needed more space than what’s allowed on a Facebook status line to share my thoughts. The original title for my blog was Eclectic Catladyland; I wrote about life with kids and cats. Slowly, the cats took over (like they do) and it became more feline-focused.

DT:Has your life changed since you started blogging? If so, how?

AB: IThe cats (Saffy, Cosmo, and Phoebe) have gotten awfully big for their fuzzy little pants and have demanded more toys, better beds, and a case of catnip mice available to them in what they call their “green room” (a.k.a. the laundry facilities). I am sitting at the computer a little more often and my family has become accustomed to hearing, “Hey — look at this cat picture!” at least 45 times a day.

DT: What does winning a Petties Award mean to you?

AB: IIt’s an honor to be recognized in any way at all. Every day I feel happy and grateful that even one person might smile or have a laugh because of something I wrote. There’s enough sadness in the world — I like to focus my energy on what’s good. Cats are good. If winning the Pettie means that even more people will smile every day, then that’s award enough for me. Plus, it’s a priceless opportunity to call attention to the tireless work Feline Rescue Inc. does each and every day. I feel so thankful to be able to direct the $1,000 donation to them.

DT: What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

AB: Aside from an opportunity to use my twisted mind for good? Again, I love to share a laugh with the readers every day, and if I can turn someone’s frown upside down, well that’s a bonus. I am also working on a cat humor book so the blog is a great spot to “guinea pig” some of the material. My cats hope to soon be wearing gold chains and Chanel sunglasses. They also hope for a piece of cheese to fall on the floor.

DT: How did you decide which organization would receive the Petties donation money?

AB: In February, Catladyland led a fund/supply raiser for Feline Rescue Inc, in St. Paul, MN. I love that they are a no-kill rescue and most of the cats are able to roam free at the shelter. When I visited them, I was touched by how much the staff and volunteers truly adore all the resident cats — there are so many cats and everyone remembered each kitty’s name. The staff and volunteers are dedicated to finding those babies a forever home, and in the meantime, are committed to providing them a life in which all the cats feel loved and respected. Those people are rock stars in my book!

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