Playful Cat Indoors
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Daily Dose Of Cute: Cat Won’t Stop Playing With Dog Friend’s Tail [VIDEO]

Catherine, the cute, young cat in the video above, likes to play with tails, but her buddy Kobe the Pit Bull doesn’t even notice. Kobe is probably used to the little kitty’s antics by now, and we’re sure he’s just fine with his tiny pal’s games.

It’s great to see our pets’ playing and getting along. These two might be different species, but they can still be friends. We could all take a lesson from them. Share this video with someone who could use some cuteness in their life today!

The adorable video of Catherine and Kobe might have you wondering if your own cat would like a canine buddy to keep them company. Before you rush to the shelter to adopt a new friend, make sure you know how to give your pets the best chance of living together peacefully.

Introducing A New Dog To Your Cat

(Picture Credit: Jennifer Reed / EyeEm/Getty Images)

If you’re bringing home a new furry family member, you’ll want to make sure they have the best first impression possible with your other pets, especially if they’re of a different species.

The best thing to do is start off with a cat and dog when they’re both young. If they grow up together, they’ll have a far easier time getting along.

But maybe you’ve already got an adult kitty. How should you go about bringing a new dog home to meet them? Here are some tips:

  • Consider adopting an adult or senior dog. Puppies may have too much energy for your cat.
  • Pick a dog with a low prey drive. You don’t want them chasing kitty around all the time!
  • Make sure your cat has a place to retreat. Some perches or kitty condos will keep them out of pup’s reach.
  • Give your kitty their own space. Make sure their bed, litter, food, and water are well away from the doggo.
  • Get them used to each other’s scent. Rub a cloth on each pet and place it in the other’s sleeping area or near their food bowl.
  • Let them investigate each other’s hangout spots once they start to feel comfortable.
  • Make the introduction through a baby gate or door. If they seem interested and sniff each other, let them meet without the baby gate, but restrain the dog just in case.
  • Let them warm up to each other. These things take time!

For a more full, complete list of instructions, check out our article about making dog-cat introductions here!

Does your cat love to play with another pet’s tail? Do you have any tips for helping dogs and cats get along with each other like Catherine and her pal do in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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