Five cat and dog videos for Friday: Rewind

In this installment, we take a look back at past Friday postings and present our picks of some of the best video offerings. All videos involve cats, but dog lovers shouldn’t fret: your canine pals play a vital role in three of the selections…but we know you’ll want to watch them all.

“Woa, what is this yapping thing? No one cleared this with me…”

Click on any of the links below to watch the video:

Cat imitates Spider-Man: A cat chases a laser-pointer dot across the floor…and up the wall. Really.

Cat meets bird: A cat is amused by a small bird. Can’t we all get along?

Cat meets dog: A Shiba Inu puppy invades a cat’s home.

Puppy loves hugging his cat friend: A puppy can’t stop showing affection toward an older cat (who is a model of tolerance).

Too many cooks in the kitchen: A puppy takes on a Bengal cat, and neither animal will back down. Dog-cat play at its finest.