Puppy Rejected By Mother Is Adopted By Cat [VIDEO]

Pets - Wild At Heart: The Orphaned PuppyThis puppy was rejected by his mother at birth. What happened next is extraordinary... #PetsWildAtHeart Posted by BBC One on Thursday, January 29, 2015
This puppy was rejected by his mother at birth. Lucky for him, he was born on the same day as this litter of kittens. He's been adopted by mama cat who accepts him as her own. He is learning to adapt to his new family but kittens live by different social rules. For instance, kittens scent tag mama's nipples and return to the same nipple every time they feed. Puppies who live by pack rules fight and push to get to the nearest nipples. He's not quite conforming to all the rules but he's getting the love he needs and that's what's important.
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