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Anticipatory Grief: The Beginning Of Your Journey When A Beloved Pet Is Dying

So, you’ve heard the devastating news that the end-of-life walk with your precious love has arrived. While it’s important to think about what your pet’s final days will look like with palliative care, treatments, and rituals, the emotional aspect of a grief that’s begun is front and center.

Grieving that begins before a death occurs is known as anticipatory grieving. The physical and emotional reactions involved can mimic those that happen after a death has occurred.

The grief journey has already begun when a terminal diagnosis or the effects of age are showing the signs of a pending and imminent death. The “anticipatory grief” has started.

What Does Anticipatory Grief Look Like?

With anticipatory grief, the emotions of loss will resemble what grief looks like after death.

As a pet parent experiencing anticipatory grief, be gentle with yourself as you maneuver these waters. Take the needed time to not only take care of the needs of your precious pet, but to make sure you are taking care of your own needs as well.

For certain, in this final walk of life, the fear of the unknown will create so much of the anxiety that you might be feeling. Fear of “what’s next,” “will I have to make a decision,” “what am I missing,” and many other questions.

Ask the questions that will give your heart the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve left no stone unturned. If you don’t know the questions to ask, turn to your veterinary professional or a local pet loss care professional to guide you.

Knowing The Answers Will Help You Find Your Path

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We all know that when we get into these incredibly emotional times, our thoughts and decision-making capabilities can get clouded by the emotions of the situation. Again, be gentle with yourself, and turn to others to assist you at this time.

Know that you have done your homework, you have made decisions because you have the information needed to make a good choice, and that the path you have chosen for you and your pet is the right one for both of you — a path that will eliminate as much of the regrets and guilt that may follow in the days to come.

For more information on pet grief and loss visit Colleen’s website Two Hearts Pet Loss Center or follow her on Facebook.

Have you ever had to deal with anticipatory grief when a pet was living their final days? How did you cope with the emotions? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.


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