White House Felines: The Complete List Of U.S. Presidents’ Cats

Cat in political hat

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When people talk about the goings on in the White House, they often focus on the current U.S. President. But over the years, a host of dignified cats have also been going about their important business in the Oval Office, including Siamese cats, Angoras, and even lion cubs–oh my!

While White House dogs get plenty of media attention, cats have also been running the show at times, comforting–and probably secretly influencing–our country’s leaders.

In salute of these esteemed political felines, here’s a complete chronological roll call of the full and formal names of all the U.S. Presidents’ kitties that have been official residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Complete List Of United States Presidents’ Cats

Martin Van Buren (D): 8th U.S. President (1837-1841)
  • A pair of unnamed tiger cubs, originally received as a gift from the Sultan of Oman.
Siamese cat

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Rutherford B. Hayes (R): 19th U.S. President (1877-1881)
  • Piccolomini
  • Siam (a Siamese)
  • Miss Pussy (another Siamese)
William McKinley (R): 25th U.S. President (1897-1901)
  • Enrique DeLome (an Angora feline)
  • Valeriano Weyler (also an Angora)
Theodore Roosevelt (R): 26th U.S. President (1901-1909)
  • Tom Quartz
  • The excellently-named Slippers
Woodrow Wilson (D): 28th U.S. President (1913-1921)
  • Puffins
Calvin Coolidge (R): 30th U.S. President (1923-1929)
  • Budget Bureau (a lion cub)
  • Smoky (a bobcat, no less)
  • Tax Reduction (a second lion cub)
  • Tiger
JFK and cat

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John F. Kennedy (D): 35th U.S. President (1961-1963)
  • Tom Kitten (who also sometimes went by the moniker Tom Terrific)
Gerald Ford (R): 38th U.S. President (1974-1977)
  • Shan (who was a regal-looking Siamese)
Jimmy Carter (D): 39th U.S. President (1977-1981)
  • Misty Malarky Ying Yang (a spectacularly-named Siamese)
Bill Clinton and Socks the cat

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Bill Clinton (D): 42nd U.S. President (1993-2001)
  • Socks (who was a Tuxedo stray, originally adopted back in Little Rock, Arkansas).
George W. Bush (R): 43rd U.S. President (2001-2009)
  • India “Willie” Bush, to give this feline her proper name

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