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Dear Tabby: Cats And Social Media Don’t Mix, Right?

Dear Tabby,

My sister recently got a new cat, Maude, and she started a Facebook page for her. Grudgingly, I accepted Maude’s friend request, even though I think the idea of a cat with a Facebook page is ridiculous. Though I’ve told her I’m not into it, my sister keeps urging me to “like” Maude’s posts and make comments on her photos. A lot of the pictures involve Maude in various contrived settings and costumes — none are abusive — but I don’t think the cat loves it and my sister could be better spending her time. How rude is it if the only comment I can muster is a disapproving one?


Unconvinced Nebelung Loves Intricate Kodak Experiences

Dear Unconvinced Nebelung Loves Intricate Kodak Experiences,

Kinda rude.

You’ve already explained that posting and “liking” isn’t your thing. If you’re concerned about Maude’s welfare, say something to your sister directly and with genuine concern. But if it’s really that you’re not amused, U.N.L.I.K.E., let it go. A passive-aggressive comment about a cat in bunny ears reeks of unresolved sibling issues.

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