How To Find A Lost Cat: Search And Rescue Cat Henry Hot On The Tail

Little Mo was commuting to his new home 4 hours away. When his family, Megan and Byron arrived to their new house they were unable to find Mo.

Thinking perhaps he escaped during the gas stop. They drove back immediately and looked everywhere for Mo.

It was late and cold and they thought he might still be in the car hiding in boxes. So again, they drove back to the new house and unloaded every last box. That is when they made the horrible discovery that he really was gone.

Byron contacted the local Humane Society the next morning and was given the number of a person that might be able to help.

He immediately got in touch with experienced lost cat finder Kimberly Freeman. She is an expert in the field of locating missing cats and reuniting them with their families.

Kim packed up her gear including her search and rescue cat and went to Mo’s last known location. She learned that Mo tried to enter the store but was shown the door, by an employee.

That is when expert feline search and rescue sniffer Henry sprung into action. He was sniffing the parking lot and all around a deck area. Finally he picked up on a scent and started moving his tail. That was the signal meaning he has found what he was looking for. Hiding in a pile of trash was a frightened Mo! Kimberly, not wanting to spook him, called Byron and put his voice on Speaker, which drew the cat out from hiding. Kim was able to get Mo by the scruff and put him in custody until he could be reunited with his family.

 Nice job Kim and Henry! If you are in need of Henry’s services you can find him on his online: Lost Cat Finder Search and Rescue Cat Henry

Mo was home in time for Christmas.

Cat Detective Kim Freeman explains that after reviewing 600 cases of lost cats, without professional help only 8% of the the lost cat owners were able to locate their pets. With professional help the chances were increased to 40% which is 5 x greater. You can’t find a lost cat alone. If your cat is lost, do not waste time, seek professional assistance immediately if it’s available to you.

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