41 Pics Of Cats Hiding In Your Luggage [GALLERY]

Have you ever tried to pack for a trip and found that your cat had other plans for your luggage? Felines can repurpose a paper bag, a box, a feather…just about anything you can think of for their own enjoynent. Your luggage is just a cloth lined box as far as your kitty is concerened! Kitties love hiding in your suitcases, luggage, backpacks and travel sacks!

Warning: Always count your pets after packing for a trip. In 2012 a cat made an unexpected trip to Disney World after getting zipped up in luggage. Thankfully kitty survived the trip to the Magic Kingdom and is doing well, though his mama is a little paranoid when packing for trips now!


A collection of funny cat pictures, with hilarious captions supplied by humans, collected from the Internet.
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