Birman kitten sleeping on bed
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World Sleep Day: 7 Cute, Sleepy Cats Who Just Can’t Stay Awake [VIDEOS]

March 13th is World Sleep Day — a day to celebrate sleep and its importance for our health. Sometimes when you’re tired, you feel like you could fall asleep anywhere if only you just had a nice, soft, fluffy pillow.

Well what if you are soft and fluffy? You can just flop over anywhere and take a cat nap!

The kitties in these videos are just too sleepy to bother with beds. Here are seven cats who just can’t stay awake one more second.

1. The Head Flop

This cat looks like he’s a bit drowsy with his eyes half closed. Then, like a student in a boring biology lesson, it’s lights out.

The kitty’s head flops forward for instant nap time. Hopefully he didn’t bonk his head too hard on the way down.

When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep.

2. Surprise Nap

The kitten in this video looks far more alert than the last cat, but the sandman can strike at any time, and he strikes hard.

The cute baby cat slumps forward like his batteries ran out, and there he stays.

Kittens need rest to grow big and strong, and at this rate, this kitty might be the strongest of them all.

3. Technology Is Boring

Cats love to interrupt your typing and technology use by spreading out all over your fancy equipment that will probably break once all that cat hair gets stuck in it. But this kitty seems pretty bored by all the fancy computer stuff around him.

He’s just going to shut down for a bit and recharge.

4. The Kiss Of Sleep

In the famous fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty needs a kiss to wake up. This kitten is the exact opposite.

All the little kisses make his eyes tired. He puts up a little fight, but eventually it’s time to give in to the sleepy smooches.

Kitten drops his little head and makes his way to dream land.

5. Where’s Waldo?

This little cat named Waldo looks like he was trying to curl up with a nice book before bed, but he didn’t quite manage to get one off the bookcase before his sleepiness took hold.

Waldo’s head flopped right over, leaving him in an awkward position, but he manages to make it work.

6. A Living Pillow

Farina the cat is looking for a place to grab a nap, and she found a fluffy, living pillow in her Siberian Husky friend, Maeby.

The pup doesn’t seem to mind as Farina curls up on top of her, getting a nice, snuggly place to relax before drifting to sleep.

The look on Maeby’s face says this happens all the time.

7. Which Way Will He Fall?

Baltazar the Persian kitten is super sleepy, but he’s not sure which way to let his head fall. He could just lie down and rest his head in his bed, but he’s too tired to even move that much.

Instead, his cute little noggin slumps back in what looks like the most uncomfortable direction. But he seems alright with it, as long as he gets to snooze.

Does your cat fall asleep at strange times? Are they going to catch an extra cat nap on World Sleep Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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