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National Vinyl Record Day: 6 Famous Albums That Star Cats On The Cover

National Vinyl Record Day is coming up on August 12th. Maybe you’ve got some great memories of listening to vinyls with a special kitty on your lap. And maybe you even have memories of album covers that featured cats, too!

Vinyl has been making a resurgence as the music format of choice for a while now, with sales increasing every year for over a decade.

With National Vinyl Record Day on the horizon, here’s a round-up of essential albums that you’ll want to collect — and maybe display on the wall — because of their awesome cat-themed cover art.

1. Surfing The Void By Klaxons

See that feline all suited up and ready to blast off and explore outer space? Well, that’s a cat who also happens to belong to Jamie Reynolds, the lead singer of the British indie rock band Klaxons.

Thankfully, Reynolds showed the good sense to employ his cat on the cover of the group’s second album, Surfing The Void.

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2. Tapestry By Carole King

This is a standout singer-songwriter album — and a standout moment in cats-on-covers history.

Carole King’s 1971 project Tapestry showcased her own tabby up front, apparently at the behest of photographer Jim McCrary.

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3. Cheshire Cat By Blink-182

The debut album from California pop punkers Blink-182 is a feline double whammy: Not only is it named after a kitty character from Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, but the cover art also stars an intense Siamese cat glaring out at the listener.

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4. Meow The Jewels By Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels is a duo consisting of rappers El-P and Killer Mike. A fan started a Kickstarter campaign to get them to remix their second album using nothing but samples of cat meows, purrs and growls for the music.

The cover was also flipped to feature street-art-style cat paws replicating the group’s usual logo.

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5. The Cat By Jimmy Smith

The Cat is a 1964 collab between jazz organ master Jimmy Smith and the composer Lalo Schifrin, whose work you’ve likely heard in films like Mission Impossible, Cool Hand Luke and Dirty Harry.

It also features a precocious black feline strutting on the cover.

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6. Crazy For You By Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino is the lead singer of the Los Angeles-based indie rock troupe Best Coast. She also happens to be one of the foremost cat fans in modern indie rock.

Naturally, Cosentino allowed her own kitty, Socks, to snag the cover of her band’s 2010 debut album.

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What’s your favorite album with a cat on it? Are you going to listen to any albums with your kitty on National Vinyl Record Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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