Tabby Rescue Cat Wearing Bow Tie
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National Bow Tie Day: Check Out These 5 Fashionable Instagram Cats With Cute Bow Ties!

August 28th is National Bow Tie Day! Maybe you look good in a bow tie, but no one can pull off this handsome look quite like our feline friends.

Dressing your cat up can be tricky business. Many cats aren’t too enthusiastic about being asked to wear a costume for their owner’s amusement. But slipping a bow tie around your cat’s collar can be a smart compromise between looking dapper and keeping your feline comfortable.

In celebration of National Bow Tie Day, here’s a salute to some very fancily-dressed Instagram cats.

1. Black Cats Love Yellow Bow Ties


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First up, we have a dinky, little, black cat sporting a creation from Sweet Pickles Design, a Portland-based company that’s all about fabul-arizing your feline.

The kitten’s name is Okeye and he’s looking fetching in a vibrant yellow bow tie.

2. Dressed In His Bow Tie Best

Louis the Cornish Rex isn’t looking corny at all in his handsome bow tie! He certainly makes for a gorgeous meow-del.

This kitty is dressing up for National Bow Tie Day, and for him, it’s a pretty important holiday. Louis loves to show off his neckwear!

3. Inspired By Beyoncé


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Ori the cat has been inspired by Beyoncé to dance around in this green linen creation, which is made by Paper Paw + Stuff in California.

The rest of the bow tie range includes designs incorporating strawberries, bananas, and flamingos.

4. Bow Ties & Pink Birds


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Speaking of pink flamingos, here’s a snapshot of Charlie looking fancy in a bow tie from Sweden’s Salibow.

Sticking his tongue out is a pro bow tie pose.

5. Bow Ties For Cat Naps


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After a long day strutting around in your bow tie, it’s perfectly acceptable to make like Mr. Bruce Miesy — who’s sporting a multi-colored plaid design from the House Of Harrie Hattie — and enjoy a well-earned nap.

Are you celebrating National Bow Tie Day with your kitty? Will your cat let you dress them up in a bow tie, or would they give you the claw if you tried? Let us know in the comments below!

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