Ginger cat watching squirrel on balcony
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Watch 5 Cats Who Are Obsessed With Squirrels On Squirrel Appreciation Day! [VIDEOS]

January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day, and that’s good news for some of our kitties. We all know just how much dogs love to chase after squirrels, but cats enjoy getting in on the squirrel watch, too!

Hopefully your cat doesn’t actually catch any squirrels and bring them home as presents. But chattering at these critters as they scurry past the window can be just as fun for felines.

So in honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day, let’s take a closer look at the hilarious way that cats are fascinated with these bushy-tailed creatures. Check out these five videos of felines who are absolutely obsessed with squirrels.

1. Snow Squirrel Bounce


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There’s a whole lot of good stuff going on here! We have a snowstorm and a squirrel on the outside, while Dermot the cat is safe and warm inside his house.

What ensues is some particularly rigorous bouncing and hopping around from Dermot as he attempts to get up close and personal with the squirrel.

2. Cashew Confounded


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Next up, we have a feline named Cashew who spots a would-be intruder slinking across the window.

Cashew plays the part of watchdog pretty well for a feline and turns back to let the human know that a squirrel is on the prowl with a polite, “Meow!”

3. Taunting Tactics


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At this point, you might be forgiven for thinking that squirrels are openly taunting cats who are shielded behind glass doors.

Witness how these two felines are being positively mocked by their squirrel neighbor!

4. Stuffed Is Not Good Enough


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Caroline the cat has a cute squirrel stuffed animal sitting right next to her, but sometimes stuffed isn’t enough!

Unfortunately for this kitty, like so many cats on this list, a window barrier separates her from playing with a real-life squirrel. But at least she can keep an eye on these critters!

5. Who’s Got The Treats?


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Is this fine feline obsessed with the squirrel outside her window due to her natural predatory instincts? Or simply because the squirrel has a treat to snack on and she doesn’t?

Does your own cat go wild for squirrels? Will your cat be on the lookout on Squirrel Appreciation Day? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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