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Laugh And Get Rich Day: Check Out These 5 Cats With Cash To Spare [PICTURES]

The start of every year is usually a time when we all get a little frugal in a bid to balance out any of the financial excesses we indulged in during the holiday season. But that doesn’t stop our feline friends from wholesale celebrating something called Laugh And Get Rich Day.

As you may have guessed, this holiday is all about laughing and getting rich. And who wouldn’t want to do both? After all, laughing puts us in a good mood, and getting rich means we can buy more catnip and toys for our kitties!

In honor of the hashtag holiday that takes place on February 8th of every year, here are five cats who are strictly about their cash and showing off their expensive lifestyles. They might make you laugh, but getting rich is up to you!

1. Stack Bundles


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See the look on this fine black cat‘s face?

That’s the facial expression of a feline who knows how important it is to always keep your stash of dollar bills neatly stacked up.

2. Bag Of Bills


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This fine kitty, however, has taken the multi-tasking decision to bag her bills up inside a plastic bag, not just keeping them safe but also fashioning the stash into a handy soft pillow to nap on.

3. Loungin’ On Cash


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Gershie is a cat who’s so much about her money that she’s instructed her human to go out and secure her a hundred-dollar-bill-styled rug to lounge around on.

4. Show Off Your Wealth


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What does an upscale feline do with all of her cash reserves?

In the case of this domestic shorthair, the answer is invest in jewelry and bedazzle herself.

5. Dress Like Your Money


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Finally, if you want to be part of the fancy cats set, make sure to always dress up in luxury hats.

Does your cat love to chase after cash and lead an upscale lifestyle? Are you planning to laugh and make some cash on Laugh And Get Rich Day? Let us know about it in the comments!


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