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31 Dead Cats Found in Georgia Woman’s Townhome

Police made a horrific discovery at a Georgia woman’s Cobb County townhome recently. Upon entering the home of Tiffany Nicole Burley, they found 31 dead cats.

Police make gruesome discovery in woman’s townhome

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, this horrific animal cruelty case came to light after authorities conducted a welfare check because Burley did not show up for work. When officers gained access to the Mableton home, however, they found the living space “pretty much destroyed” and rife with dead animals.

“There were 31 cats that we found in different stages of decomposition, anywhere from bare skeletons to still had some fur on them,” said Steve Hammond, director of Cobb County Animal Services. “We do believe some of the cats may have eaten some of the other cats once the food ran out.”

The environment was so toxic that animal control officers had to wear breathing apparatuses and hazmat suits in order to sift through the debris.

“Horrid. Feces everywhere, overflowing litter boxes, deceased cats throughout the townhome, personal belongings thrown all over the place,” said Hammond.

Authorities released photographs of the scene, which show the floor completely covered with garbage, clothing, and other items.

It is unclear how long the cats were living on their own. It may have been weeks or even months.

Police searching for woman who had 31 dead cats in Georgia home

Neighbors expressed shock at the state of the home.

“I was completely mortified. I’ve been feeling nauseous because I can’t believe someone would leave their place and leave their animals in that condition,” said Vasha Loper.

Burley now faces 31 counts of felony animal cruelty charges. Additionally, she must answer to 60 misdemeanors. Investigators for Cobb County issued an arrest warrant for Burley. She is still at large.

“Anybody who would do this to an animal would probably have no qualms to do it to a person. So we would like to see her arrested,” said Hammond.

Those with tips about Burley’s whereabouts can call the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. Hammon hopes that Burley will turn herself in.

As for the animals, no one’s living situation needs to deteriorate to this degree. Cobb County Animal Services urges anyone who has pets they don’t want or can’t take care of to contact the shelter for assistance.

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