A black cat similar to the one who disappeared in Cobb County after being stolen by an Amazon delivery driver.
(Photo Credit: Glasshouse Images / Getty Images)

Amazon Driver Accused of Involvement in Family Cat’s Disappearance and Tragic Demise

A Cobb County family recently shared their strange and distressing experience with an Amazon driver who, instead of just delivering packages, made off with their beloved cat, Addy. The family had no idea what could have happened to their pet until they noticed her missing after the delivery last month.

When the 13-year-old feline disappeared, it caused panic among her family. They launched an exhaustive search — canvassing the neighborhood and diligently inquiring at their neighbors’ doors in hopes of finding any leads. Little did they know, the incident was about to take an unforeseen turn.

Surveillance footage reveals Amazon driver’s involvement in cat’s disappearance

A neighbor shared surveillance footage with the family, capturing a woman in an Amazon vest delivering a package to their home. Moments later, Addy casually strolled across the driveway and towards the van.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, the video depicted the driver, later identified as Kearston Griggs, “squatting down inside the van and sticking her hand out toward the cat.” The footage clearly captured the cat entering the van. A few minutes later, the van’s door closed as the driver departed.

Subsequently, the family discovered, through Amazon, that Addy had escaped from the van during another delivery approximately a mile away.

Continuing their search, the family knocked on more doors until they obtained another piece of home surveillance footage. The second clip revealed a woman who appeared to be the same driver petting Addy, who then re-entered the van.

According to the warrant issued, the driver carried on with deliveries for an additional four hours. Later that same day, she abandoned Addy at a gas station on Fulton Industrial Blvd, 30 miles away from home.

Tragically, Addy met a heartbreaking fate when a passing car struck and fatally injured her.

Arrest of driver and Amazon’s response

Over the first weekend of October, authorities arrested the 28-year-old driver, Kearston Griggs, on charges of theft by taking and cruelty to animals.

Amazon’s spokesperson, Branden Baribeau, expressed heartfelt condolences for the customer and their family during this challenging time. He stated, “First and foremost, our heart goes out to our customer and their family. While nothing can replace the loss of a beloved pet, we are working with the family to support them during this difficult time.”

Baribeau further went on to say that the delivery service partner associated with the case has already taken measures against Griggs. An investigation is underway, and corrective action is being taken to ensure that such events do not occur in the future.

To the family, Addy was more than just a pet; she was a beloved member of their home for over 13 years. They had anticipated to have many more years with her, given her continued health and vitality.

In the wake of their dear cat’s disappearance, the family is highlighting the importance of checking for ID tags on unfamiliar pets. They believe that if someone who spotted Addy that day had taken a moment to call the number on her tag, she would be curled up safely at home with them. They hope that by spreading awareness, they can prevent other families from experiencing the heartbreak they have endured.

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