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Utah Couple Accidentally Ship Cat With Amazon Return

A cat found herself being shipped from Utah to California after she jumped into a box that her owners used to return their Amazon order. The feline’s parents were shocked when they got a call from more than 600 miles away. They were notified that their furry friend, who had been missing for almost a week, had finally been found.

Utah cat shipped with Amazon return reunites with family in California

On April 10, a cat named Galena went missing from her Utah home, with her owners having no idea where she went. After hours of looking for their beloved pet, Carrie Stevens Clark and Matt Clark resorted to putting up flyers. The couple also called their family and friends to help search for their furry companion.

However, they had no luck after searching for an entire week. That was until they got a call from a veterinarian in California on April 17. The vet kindly informed the couple they got the contact information from Galena’s microchip, who was then in Riverside. Carrie Stevens Clark was shocked to hear the news, even assuming she was being pranked.

The vet informed them that Galena was found inside an Amazon box. She was first discovered by an employee who rescued the cat and cared for her. The feline had been trapped inside the box she was accidentally shipped in for about a week without food or water.

Carrie told KSL TV, “Galena is a huge emotional support to me and has helped me get through many health challenges over the past six years. The anxiety and stress of not knowing what happened to her was excruciating.” She noted that Galena’s misadventure could have ended badly without her microchip, which allowed them to find each other again.

Galena was happily reunited with her parents, who immediately booked a flight for the next day once they got the news. Moreover, the Amazon employee exclaimed that the feline was quick to recognize her owners’ voices. The family is back in Utah, with Carrie reminding all the pet parents to microchip their furry friends.

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