Veterinarian identifying cat by microchip implant.
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Charity Offers Free Cat Microchipping Services in UK

In a proactive move to align with upcoming legislation, the pet charity Blue Cross has launched a free cat microchipping service. This initiative comes ahead of a new law taking effect on June 10. The law mandates that all cats in the United Kingdom be microchipped and their contact details kept current. Failure to comply could lead to a £500 fine for pet owners. This law is a significant step towards ensuring that lost pets can be reunited with their owners more efficiently.

Pet charity holds free cat microchipping event

The pilot event was hosted at the Blue Cross Stratford House centre in Marsh Barton, Exeter. It aims to alleviate the financial burden of microchipping on pet owners amidst the rising cost of living. Typically, the cost for this procedure ranges from £10 to £30. However, the Blue Cross has decided to offer it free of charge — per the BBC.

Alison Thomas is the vet and head of veterinary standards for Blue Cross. She emphasized the charity’s understanding of the cost of living pressures facing pet owners. “We aim to run these events across the country if this is successful and we have the resources to do so,” she said.

Microchipping has proven its worth in pet recovery, especially when comparing the statistics between microchipped dogs and those not. According to Thomas, “Evidence has shown that where dogs are microchipped, they are twice as likely to be reunited with their owners.” Cats are traditionally identified by collars and tags, which can easily be lost. However, microchipping provides a more reliable identification method.

In addition to the microchipping service, the charity has reminded pet owners about the importance of updating their contact information associated with the microchip. Changes in phone numbers or addresses that are not reflected can also lead to fines.

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