A black-and-white cat, similar to the one who's scared of men and is looking for a new home.
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Cat Scared of Men Looking for Forever Home

A cat in England who’s scared of men is looking for a new home, reports BBC News. Apart from men, 5-year-old Josie is also not too comfortable with children. The feline arrived at Great Ayton Animal Centre almost a year ago and is the shelter’s longest resident.

Shelter cat was once adopted and returned due to owner’s allergies

Josie had briefly found a home last year, but sadly, the owner returned her due to allergies. Since then, the feline has been looking for a new family. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), part of the reason behind the feline finding no adopters is her black-and-white color. She also doesn’t tend to sit on a person’s lap instantly.

The cat takes time to bond with humans and her future owners are expected to be “patient and understanding.” Beverley Dunn, the feline’s supervisor, said, “Josie has stolen our hearts here as she’s a real sweetie who just needs an understanding person to give her a special home.”

She further described the cat as “shy at first.” However, once she becomes comfortable around someone, she can be a “softie.”

“Especially if you happen to have a packet of Dreamies,” Dunn added. “And then she’ll be your best friend for life.”

The staff shared that ever since the feline had been brought in, they’ve had to work hard to gain her trust. “We think she’ll thrive in a quiet, preferably all female household with no hustle and bustle,” Dunn said. She added that Josie would be suited for “patient people who are willing to let her settle on her own terms and invest the time into building a bond with her.”

“We appreciate Josie has quite specific requirements but she’s had a rough time in the past,” Dunn shared. “And we’re keen to make sure she finds the right home where we’re confident she’ll make someone a wonderful companion.”

If you wish to adopt Josie, you can fill out an online application form on the shelter’s website.


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