White cat on a radiator like the Minnesota cat who was found dead due to carbon monoxide poisoning along with two other people.
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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills 2 People, 1 Cat in Minnesota

Two individuals and a pet cat died in Minnesota from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning over the weekend. Authorities found them dead inside their home on Sunday, Feb. 11, and have advised people to keep their homes safe against such incidents.

Family and pet cat dead from carbon monoxide poisoning

In northern Minnesota, two people and a cat have died inside their home, CBS News reports. According to authorities, carbon monoxide poisoning is a possible reason behind the incident. 

Officers from Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office reached the 1600 block of 110th Avenue in Princeton Township after receiving a call regarding a potential overdose. 

Subsequently, they discovered a 27-year-old man dead in an upstairs bedroom. His dog, a black Labrador Retriever, was there in the room and was intermittently conscious. The Lab’s current condition remains unknown, as per KSTP-TV.

In addition, in another area of the house, they found a deceased woman aged 20, accompanied by a cat that had also passed away.

Upon the fire officials’ response, Mille Lacs Country sheriff concluded that the home contained deadly levels of carbon monoxide, according to CBS News.

Sheriff Kyle Burton stated, “I’m guessing if they had fire detectors, they would have been going off like crazy given the levels detected in the house.” He further advised the public to make sure to equip homes with CO detectors as they serve as a warning system. “If you go to sleep and all of a sudden the levels rise to a toxic level, you’re probably not going to wake up to that,” he said. 

Moreover, investigators report that the residents had a gas-powered generator for space heaters, along with propane heaters to heat the house. Allegedly, the house did not have any power or running water during the incident. 

Additionally, authorities emphasized the dangers of operating combustion engines, such as space heaters and gas stoves, in enclosed spaces. 

The deceased individuals were identified as Marcos Larson and Kylea May. Another woman is in the hospital for treatment of carbon monoxide exposure. Her condition remains unknown. 


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