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Woman Keeps Cat’s Litter Box in Her Bed

Shelby, a woman residing in a unique recreational vehicle (RV) by the sea, has gone viral for her ingenious storage solutions, including a discreetly hidden cat litter box under her bed. On her TikTok account, Shelbyadrift, she shares various tips and tricks for maximizing space in her compact home, attracting over 60,000 views. Shelby’s creative approach to living in an RV involves turning ordinary spaces into functional storage areas.

Woman saves space in RV by putting litter box under bed

Her video, accompanied by a playful voiceover saying, “Nobody’s gonna know,” reveals her knack for finding the perfect spots to store everyday items. One of her clever storage solutions is a shoe cubby located under a staircase tread, ingeniously utilizing every inch of her home.

Additionally, Shelby repurposes throw pillowcases as storage for bed linens and seasonal clothing, eliminating the need for traditional storage methods. She even disguises a storage space for appliances and cookware above her oven as a faux hood vent, further showcasing her ability to creatively conceal her belongings.

However, what really caught viewers’ attention was Shelby lifting her comforter on her bed to show a litter box beneath it, a setup where her cat can discreetly do her business. This unexpected storage hack has sparked curiosity among viewers, leading to mixed reactions in the comments section (via New York Post).


Since I told you all my secrets, tell me yours. What are some of your favorite storage hacks for tiny living? #rvlife #rvliving #tinyhome#rvrenovation

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Viewers praised her inventiveness, with comments like “Genius! But how do you clean the litter?” and “Linens in the pillow! Genius!” showing both their amazement and queries about the practicalities of her storage solutions. A third commenter humorously said, “They know when they smell the cat litter.”

Despite the varying opinions, Shelby’s unique approach to RV living certainly has people talking, proving that a little creativity can go a long way in making the most of small spaces.

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