A girl cuddling with a cat, like the teenage girl who sought comfort from a hospital cat in the UK.
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Hospital Cat ‘Henry’ Brings Comfort to Teenage Girl in UK

At Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, United Kingdom, a heartwarming bond has formed between a cat and a teenager, providing solace during a challenging time. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in March, 17-year-old Amber O’Gorman found unexpected comfort in the feline presence. This unique companionship has offered a source of support and warmth as Amber undergoes treatment and recovery.

Hospital cat offers comfort to girl with brain tumor in Cambridge

A nurse informed Amber about the renowned ginger cat who frequented the hospital, as per BBC. As a result, she became determined to seek him out. She recounted, “It was so lovely cuddling him — he seems to suck up all the negativity and replace it with positivity.” 

Amber’s dad, Lee O’Gorman, shared that after she had started suffering from severe headaches in December 2023, “Her GP prescribed migraine medication but I thought we should go to her optician to have her eyes checked.” 

Subsequently, the optician noticed a swelling behind her eye. Thus, he referred them to the Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon. Following a series of examinations, she received the diagnosis of a brain tumor and was swiftly transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for urgent surgery. 

Her father said that surgeons successfully removed over 90% of the tumor. Once mobile, Amber eagerly sought out the legendary “hospital cat,” as Henry had a reputation for wandering in the hospital.

Amber noted, “It took a while, but I made it my mission, and yes, I found Henry … He was so soft, and he just lay there and let you cuddle him.”

Just days post-surgery, Amber was discharged from the hospital on March 22. The teenager is now reunited with her cat, Oscar, at home. She expressed her joy, saying, “[It’s] so great to be home.” 

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