A ginger domestic cat, calling to be allowed into a house through a glazed door.
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Viral ‘I Go Meow’ Cat ‘Cala’ Passes Away Due to Old Age

On May 30, the owner of Cala, the singing cat from “I Go Meow” fame, took to social media to announce her passing. The news shocked everyone, including her owner, who hadn’t expected Cala to be a senior cat. The Kiffness also paid tribute to the singing cat. The musician had collaborated with her for a remix of “I Go Meow.”

Singing cat ‘Cala’ of ‘I Go Meow’ fame passes away

Cala first went viral in February when her owner, Elizabeth Toth, shared a video of her. The singing cat’s meowing sounded very similar to the words: “I go meow; I go meow; I go meow; Go meow; I don’t know; Who I am; Look away; Away.” This led to the feline becoming a viral meme.

The original video garnered over 1.2 million likes and more than 7,000 comments. Several musicians, including The Kiffness, collaborated with the feline to create renditions of the now-viral “I Go Meow” song. Following the news of her passing, The Kiffness also took to Instagram to post a tribute to Cala, changing the original song’s lyrics.

In the heartbreaking announcement post, Elizabeth Toth noted that Cala had indeed passed away due to old age. She shared she had initially adopted the cat of “I Go Meow” fame, believing she was young. That is what Toth was told by the shelter and the vet who first examined Cala. However, when the singing feline fell sick and was taken to the ER, it was discovered that she was a senior cat, per Parade Pets.

Toth noted that it didn’t make her lose hope, and she stayed optimistic, expecting Cala to recover fully. However, the beloved cat’s condition didn’t improve. The feline passed away in her human’s arms, surrounded by family. In the tribute post by The Kiffness, he stated that Cala’s age was suspected to be around 12 years old.

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