Orange and white tabby kitten, similar to the one who was shoved through a mailbox slot in Ohio and named Special Delivery after rescue, sits on wood floor beside a chair.
(Photo Credit: Photo by Laurie Cinotto | Getty Images)

Ohio Kitten Shoved Through Mailbox Slot Safely Rescued

On June 15, the Fayette Regional Humane Society rescued a kitten shoved through the mailbox slot in Clarksburg, Ohio. The kitty was found in a Post Office and was skittish when rescued. However, he was unharmed and is currently in recovery. Within a few weeks, the feline will be ready for adoption.

Kitten shoved through mailbox slot named ‘Special Delivery’

On Saturday, a Fayette Regional Humane Society staff member answered a rescue call after an individual heard meowing inside a post office mailbox. Reportedly, the kitten was shoved through the mailbox slot. Fortunately, the feline wasn’t harmed in the process and was safely rescued by the agent.

Now named Special Delivery in the spirit of his unusual rescue, he is an adorable white and orange kitty. The feline is about ten weeks old and doing quite well. In a Facebook post, Chief Humane Agent Brad Adams noted that he had seen kittens stuck in some of the strangest places. However, this was a first for him.

Special Delivery has quickly become everyone’s favorite in the facility. He loves being the center of attention and has a friendly personality. Moreover, Adams believes the kitten will have a bright future ahead. The feline enjoys being picked up and cuddled and has also learned to ask for attention from his humans by meowing.

Although he was shoved through the mailbox slot, the kitten has been recuperating well after being rescued. Special Delivery was lucky he was found on time. Otherwise, the situation could have turned out much worse.

In the post, the shelter thanked the Ross County Sheriff’s Office deputy, who made the call promptly to ensure the feline was saved on time. It also thanked the postal worker who kept Special Delivery safe while its agent headed to the Post Office. Moreover, the Fayette Regional Humane Society confirmed that the kitten will be up for adoption in a few weeks.

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