A Not So Sensible Guide To Cat-Themed Presents And Gifts

If you’re perusing CatTime, it probably means that you’re at a point in life where people have long ago decided that gifting you cat-themed presents for any holiday and special occasion is the way to go. This is cool — but there are some guidelines you should really consider before going ahead and gifting even the most confirmed feline fancier a stocking full of cat-themed treats and trinkets.

Consider this your CATegory-by-CATegory guide to sensible cat-themed gifting.

Wine Glasses


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Giving someone a gift that suggests that they might be consuming too much in the way of alcohol is bad. Giving someone a gift that encourages them to go ahead and be merry in a light-hearted way is good. Giving someone a gift that uses the cat as an excuse to get tipsy is, obviously, excellent.

That being so, variations on the “It’s not drinking alone if your cat’s home” slogan are always welcomed, especially on a stemless glass.

Also, these black cats pair perfectly with a low-end bottle of Gato Negro.

Coffee Cups


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There are some slickly-designed cat-centric cups out there — and some are even shaped to resemble cat ears and tails — but let’s be honest, there’s also something a little uninspired about gifting someone a coffee mug.

If you are intent on going with this somewhat mundane option, at least pep things up by plumping for Pusheen, the Internet’s favorite animated Domestic Shorthair.



(Picture Credit: Etsy)

It’s best to gift your calendars early, if that’s an option, in case the intended recipient has already snapped up one for themselves. Also, as they’re going to be on display in someone’s abode, make sure to try and match the art style and tone with that person’s tastes.

Some top picks for this coming year: WidyCat’s 2017 calendar (pictured) goes for a whimsical illustrated approach, Francesco Marciuliano’s I Could Pee On This blesses you with humorous monthly cat poems, while the Cat Wars version is a shoe-in for any Star Wars obsessives who also claim allegiance to the feline side.



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Despite their cliched status, socks are actually just about the best gift you can give to anyone. There is nothing quite like the first time you slip on a brand new pair. Adding cats to the mix is obviously cool. For ultimate hip cat footwear kicks, rapper Tyler, The Creator’s Golf Wang socks feature a pixellated retro cat face.

Just remember that not everyone can strut around all day during working hours showing off their cat status. In that case, check out the way AnVei-Nao’s cat socks smartly hide the kitty face down by the toes.



(Picture Credit: Shelfies)

Sure, by all means go ahead and hand someone a feline-fronted t-shirt. But just remember that if you gift them something from the wackadoo corner of the Internet — say, a tee featuring a cat on a burrito zipping through outer space — then there’s a good chance they’re only ever gonna wear it once before it ends up ultimately being repurposed as a dish rag when litter box cleaning duties come around. Subtle and witty is the way to go with cat shirts.

Cat Art


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Honestly, I’d avoid this. Sure, there’s lots of great, modern and even edgy cat illustrations out there — and many even riff on pop culture — but unless you’re 100% certain that your friend, family member or acquaintance definitely likes the style, you’re buying them some framable eye candy that they might feel obliged to display at home even if they don’t really like it.

The exception?

Those Hang In There posters for a secret Santa. They’re pure office classic.

Temporary Cat Tattoos


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Finally, every party should involve temporary cat tattoos regardless of the specifics of the festive celebration. What warms the collective cockles more than a judgmental kitty paired with the mantra, “I Dislike Most Things”? Consider Megan Lyn Kott’s Cattoos! your ink-pushing friend.