Product Review: SmartyKat LoveBucket Pet Bed

Pet Products Review – SmartyKat LoveBucket Bed

Two weeks ago I went to the ASPCA main adoption center in New York City. If you haven’t been, you should go. Its a wonderful facility and they take such great care of the rescue under their watch.

One thing that caught my eye is how every cat had this adorable snuggly bed, like a plush bird nest, and every cat was thoroughly enjoying their rest inside this specialty bed. So, I thought, my cat Stinky must have one of those beds. I went to hoping I’d find who the bed were donated by, and where to make a purchase. However I could not find the bed there. Then I went to Target and found a very similar looking bed by SmartyKat.

The price of $17 at Target was wonderful. The surprize of immediate joyful snuggle and purring from Stinky was worth much more. The bed has high walls, and the cat snuggles into the bed filling the entire nest. Stinky took to the SmartyKat bed like it was made just for him. For me this bed was the perfect solution to get Stinky off my bed pillows when I’m not looking. What I did was place the SmartyKat bed on my bed, but at the foot of the bed. I don’t have a problem with him being by me feet, but near my pillows, yes. Well, it worked. Stinky now goes to his SmartyKat bed on the foot of my bed, and he is content as ever.

Another great point is that this bed is made with soft recyclable matterials from water bottles. Good for you SmartyKat!

I love this this product, I really do. I wish Target sold it on, but they do not. You can however find the bed on a number of online stores and your favority pet stores.

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