Gimo The Cat’s Huge, Adorable Eyes Will Melt Your Heart


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Gimo is a cute cat who lives in his South Korea home with two other feline family members. But there’s one thing that makes Gimo stand out from his siblings. His huge, gorgeous eyes could melt even the stoniest of hearts. Just take a look at them and try not to fall in love. It’s impossible.


A photo posted by bellcat (@1room1cat) on

The cat’s breed is Scottish Fold, which get their name from their folded-over ears. But Gimo might as well be part owl, as his big eyes would put even Puss in Boots to shame. His cuteness has taken the internet by storm, as he has over 160K followers on Instagram.

He’s not letting the fame go to his head. Beyond those eyes is a regular cat who loves the usual regular cat stuff, like hiding in boxes, chasing feather toys, and snuggling–or sometimes bickering–with his cat siblings. We can’t wait to see more of Gimo and fall deep into those big, hypnotic peepers.


A photo posted by bellcat (@1room1cat) on

Are Gimo’s eyes the cutest you’ve ever seen? Will you be following Gimo on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!


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